Insurance Cares Awards Spring 2024 DEI on the RISE Scholarships

Insurance Cares Awards Second Round of DEI on the RISE Scholarships to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Insurance Industry

Insurance Cares, a nonprofit organization born out of RISE’s DEI committee that is dedicated to providing equal access to insurance education through scholarships and free educational resources, is proud to announce the recipients of its second round of DEI on the RISE scholarships. These scholarships are designed to support diverse students pursuing careers in insurance by providing funds for tuition, books, and general day-to-day financial needs, as well as mentorship opportunities and access to the insurance community.

The DEI on the RISE scholarship recipients will be paired with mentors who will provide guidance and support as they navigate their careers in the insurance industry. Additionally, the recipients will gain valuable access to the insurance community through networking opportunities, paid internship opportunities within the insurance industry, attendance at industry events, and learning the fundamentals of insurance.

“Receiving this scholarship would significantly impact my ability to continue my educational pursuits and achieve my career goals. Financial constraints often pose a major challenge for students, limiting their access to necessary resources and sometimes forcing them to compromise on their educational aspirations. This scholarship would alleviate some of these financial burdens, allowing me to focus more on my studies and less on financial worries. Ultimately, the support provided by this scholarship will be instrumental in helping me achieve my ambition of making a meaningful impact in the risk management and insurance industry,” says Kenisha Davis, student at Georgia State University.

The insurance industry provides prime career opportunities for students right out of school. It’s no longer for people who love pocket protectors and corny coffee mugs. Careers in insurance are stable, rewarding, limitless, dynamic and offer work-life balance, and we are so excited to provide the funds, tools, and mentorship for rising diverse talent to become the insurance stars of the future!

Mileinie Sanchez, student at Bentley University shared, “Bentley University has provided excellent opportunities through its Actuarial Science major and industry networks. However, I am aware that many individuals from lower-income neighborhoods lack access to such resources. This lack of access often prevents minorities from considering Actuarial Science or the insurance industry as career options. I’m committed to representing minorities by volunteering and speaking at community events attended by high schoolers, particularly those with a variety of diverse backgrounds.”

Insurance Cares is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the insurance industry by providing support and opportunities to underrepresented communities. Through the DEI on the RISE scholarships, Insurance Cares aims to empower and uplift diverse students to excel in their insurance careers, contribute to the industry, and help create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Adrian Everett

Appalachian State University

Risk Management & Insurance/Finance & Banking Major

Graduating Spring 2025

Kenisha Davis

Georgia State University

Risk Management & Insurance Major

Graduating Fall 2024

Milenie Sanchez

Bentley University

Actuarial Science & Data Analytics Major

Graduating Spring 2026

Raquan Stanley

East Carolina University

Risk Management & Insurance/ Entrepreneurship Major

Graduating Spring 2025

Zachary Rodgers

Texas A&M University

Applied Mathematics Major with emphasis in Actuarial Science

Graduating Fall 2025